When you tell your brand story, is anyone actually paying attention?

It's the biggest pitfall in marketing today.

Organizations spend plenty of time and money making sure their marketing materials look fantastic. Unfortunately, some focus so much on graphic design or digital technology, that their written content often fails to hold the attention of the audience. Either the messaging isn't clear, or it doesn't engage and persuade. No matter how beautiful marketing materials are, or how precise the digital strategy is, if the messaging is off, the program won't achieve the desired results.

Thankfully, you can improve your marketing messages with minimal effort. 

Simply use Attention Spans for your written content. We have experience with everything from creative advertising and social media campaigns to annual reports and magazine articles. Try us out on a single project, or let us help you develop your foundational brand language. In just a few weeks, you can make a significant impact on your marketing program.

Marketing content is more effective when it's written strategically.

To hold the attention of an audience, marketing content must: 

  • Communicate clearly. 

  • Make the customer the hero of the story.

  • Explain how the brand can help customers achieve their goals. 


This kind of writing isn't as simple as it seems. It requires specific expertise. Whether you need content created from scratch or improvements to existing copy, we can make your marketing messages more strategic. And our principles can be applied to any business or marketing program. Contact us to start the conversation.

Attention Spans provides content for everything you may need.

Conceptual advertising from award-winning creatives.

Just because you buy ad space or time, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed readers or viewers.

It takes good ideas to get your money’s worth.


Brochures and annual reports that tell clear, compelling stories.

Ensure your long-format marketing messages are easy to digest by using our strategic approach.


Website and digital marketing copy that makes the most out of minimal space.

When you only have a few seconds to get your point across, every word (and character) counts.


Video scripts for every production budget.

Whether you have a thousand dollars or a million, you can do great things with a video – if you have a great script. 


Recruitment and fundraising materials that engage and motivate.

With strategic messages, you can appeal to both emotions and common sense, which is a powerful combination. 


Articles, white papers and presentations that clearly communicate complex ideas.

We can help you distill massive amounts of technical information into clear, readable copy.

Turn your customers into shareholders.


Develop magazine or newsletter articles that make your brand interesting to a wider audience.