You must know your brand, before you can share your brand.

Short attention spans: a common problem that you can overcome with branding.

Today, attention spans are not only shrinking, there is far more competition for them. If your brand messaging doesn't stand out or connect with its audience, a lot of time and financial resources can be wasted.


How brands miss the mark.

A lot of brands don’t communicate in ways that resonate with their audience. Messages are superficial or self-serving, so the brands never build equity. While a business can make sales, customers don't actually buy into the brand, and marketing efforts never get any easier. As a result, these brands are stuck on a treadmill, never gaining ground.

What you can do to build brand equity.

Proper branding isn't hard. It isn't a riddle to be solved. It simply requires clarity, commitment and the right messaging.


  • Next, they must fully commit to being the embodiment of the brand in everything they say and do.

  • Finally, create clear, compelling messages that your audience will understand and appreciate in meaningful ways.

While this is an oversimplification, if you begin the process, your brand will come alive. It will empower your sales staff. Your audience will pay attention to your messages, and mutually beneficial relationships will grow over time. Your brand will get off the treadmill. You will take it to new places. And it will take you to new places.

Make a brand transformation in less than 60 days.

Starting price $1750
Through an internal discovery process, we get to the heart of your brand's value proposition and develop messaging strategies that resonate with your customers and other important audiences. This takes 30 days and includes:
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Development of your brand's story structure
  • Elevator pitches that clearly communicate your value
  • Talking points to help your staff tell a consistent story
Starting price $5950
When an organization attempts an internal branding process on its own, it can take 6 - 24 months. That's why we designed this 60-day accelerated program to jumpstart your branding, marketing and sales efforts. Program elements vary but typically include:
  • Mission, purpose and values exploration
  • Our Brand Foundation process and elements
  • Initial marketing and ad messaging development

If your brand is already established, we'll help you keep it strong.

Consultant On Call
Standard monthly retainer $500 + $75 per hour
Many organizations don't have brand stewards on staff. As a result, even after going through an internal branding process and committing to the results, messaging can veer off course, people fall back into their silos, and no one makes sure the organization stays on brand. Having an outside branding consultant who cares about your brand but is detached from internal politics is invaluable.
A la carte Branding Services
Even if you have an established brand, you may need certain elements developed or revisited, including:
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Core messaging and elevator pitches
  • Brand identity
  • Tag line development
  • Communication and graphic standards guide 

Whether or not you know what you want, the first step is to contact us.


Your brand exists to make lives better.